How To Have A Healthy Christmas

Christmas is coming up! The time of feasting, gifting and lots of love and happiness around. But if you're someone who is trying to make their lifestyle a bit healthier, it's a bit of a challenge to keep working towards your goal when the Christmas ham and candy canes are there. So what should you do? Here's how to have a healthy Christmas with Muscle Protein. 


Keep your body moving

It's easy to sit down and watch TV with the family while the ham is in the oven, especially if it's a tradition. Instead, get outside and play games! Get out a cricket bat and hit the ball around, or play with the kids. If you're lucky to have one too, jump into the pool! Alternatively, you can head to the beach with the family (but it will be very busy!)


Limit your drinks

Social occasions, especially one as big as Christmas makes it easier to have lots of drinks. We're not telling you to have none, because we're all still human. But limit yourself so that you don't go overboard with the drinks and regret it later. You know yourself best, so pace yourself accordingly. You can swap out your alcoholic drinks for flavoured soda water, or even a Muscle Protein shake! 


Indulge, but not too much! 

I mean, it is Christmas after all. The one time of the year where you get to feast and indulge in all the goodies that Christmas has to offer. But there is a downside. A study has shown that the average person will eat around 6000 calories on Christmas day. Wow! Who knew? 

Try to cut down your portion sizes, reconsider the plate of seconds, or try and stick mostly to your daily diet to avoid the surplus of calories. Have a Muscle Protein shake as your breakfast to also help you feel fuller before you have your main Christmas meal! 


Boxing day shopping = accidental cardio

Ever been shopping and walked for a straight 3 hours? Imagine how much you would walk and burn from boxing day shopping! If you can manage to get into a shopping centre, the calories you could burn from walking around a shopping centre from the accidental cardio would be great for your post Christmas feast. Not so much for your wallet though! 


Don't stress too much

Overall, don't stress about the Christmas period too much. From planning Christmas dinners, having family over and for what can and can't put into your body. Christmas is a time to relax, spend time with your loved ones and to enjoy yourself. Have everything in moderation, and remember that everyday is a new day to work towards your goals. If you find yourself struggling to stick to your diet on Christmas, just work a little bit harder the next day!

Don't forget, becoming healthier is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. 


So enjoy your Christmas this year! Muscle Protein is here along the way to help you reach your goals during the silly season. If you need to stock up, purchase your Muscle Protein now



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