4 Reasons Squats Are Essential

We hear them talked about all . the . time.  But what's the deal with squats, and why are they so good for us?

  1. They are the best compound movement
    Squats utilise the most muscles of any individual exercise - groups of leg, abdominal (core), lower back and buttock muscles all work together when you squat.

  2. Compound movement = more calorie burn
    When you're exercising more muscles at once, you increase the amount of calories that are burned.  4 half-hearted squats won't do it - but 50 good quality squats a day will definitely help with that calorie burn!

  3. Improvements in posture
    To do squats safely (see below) you must maintain correct posture.  Carry this posture over to your everyday life and improve the way you perform tasks like sitting at your desk.

  4. Can be done anywhere with no equipment
    At their most basic, you need nothing other than your own bodyweight to do squats.  5 while cleaning your teeth, 5 while making your coffee, 2 at the bottom of the stairs each time - it's easy to do!  They are also adaptable - you can add difficulty, variety and complexity with additional body movements or fitness tools once you've mastered the basic squat.

So what are you waiting for?  Test out your squat form using the Wall Squat technique below then get squatting!


 Wall Squats to Improve Form

  1. Face the wall about 30cm away, with your feet shoulder width apart and turned slightly out.

  2. Fully extend your arms above your head and place your palms against the wall, arms parallel with each other.

  3. Push your hips back and lower yourself down into a full squat position (or as low as you can go), with your hands remaining on the wall. Don’t allow your head, knees, or torso to touch the wall.

  4. Focus on keeping your knees in line with your toes (pushed out), and your chest up. Don't round or arch your spine (this is called a 'neutral spine position').

  5. If your head, knees, or torso touch the wall, STOP, correct your form, and hold the position. Move around a bit to get a good stretch.

Once you've got this form down, then move away from the wall.  It pays to check your form every so often to ensure that you're not putting stress on your body in the wrong way.

Now..... keep your standards high, and your squats low and your body fuelled with Muscle Protein. 

When you find that your muscles are sore or are taking time to recover, try adding some BCAA+ Recovery into your routine!  It's designed to assist with muscle repair and recovery from exercise. 

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