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  • The Benefits to Regular Exercise

    Regular exercise is a great way to feel better and become more active in your day-to-day life. But what does regular exercise actually do for you? Find out here! 
  • A Day On A Plate - With Muscle Protein (Vegan)

    A day on the plate with Muscle Protein (Vegan)   Breakfast: Protein Smoothie  1 Scoop Whey Power  200mL-250mL Water  1 banana  50g blueberries   ...
  • My Day On A Plate - With Muscle Protein

    My day on a plate with Muscle Protein   Breakfast: Protein Smoothie 1 Scoop Whey Power  200mL-250mL Water or Skim Milk (Or another milk alter...
  • Platinum WPI vs Power WPC - What's the Difference?

    What's the difference between Whey Protein Isolate (WPI) and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC)?
  • Nutritious Snacks With Less Than 150 Calories

    Looking for some delicious healthy snacks to have between your meals? We've got the best healthy snacks for you right here!
  • Here's Why Muscle Protein Is The Best

     No doubt, protein is necessary to maintain a healthy body and to handle the day-to-day activities. In the right amount, protein provides the body...
  • Why Whey Concentrate Is a Must

    In recent years, numerous studies have verified that Whey protein concentrate is a more effective means of revving and balancing protein levels ...
  • This Is Why Whey Protein Is a Must

    Over the years, Whey protein has revolutionised the sport and health sector. This is due to the immense health benefits it offers. It is the pures...

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