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We have created the ultimate Muscle Protein Partnership Program to help businesses like yours to grow revenue, increase distribution and get to the market quicker. Whilst supplying superior supplements, you are also generating additional revenue stream. It’s a win/win relationship! We have designed a program which is revolutionising the industry.

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Our Partnership Program is for Gym Owners, PT's, Fitness Influencers or anyone who want's to earn an additional revenue stream.

There is no timeframe, you can be involved for 3 years or 300 years. Keep in mind the longer, the larger your referral base!

As long as a customer comes through your link, you will be paid your partnership fee. This could mean one customer pays you many times.

You will receive the percentage exclusive of the shipping cost.

We do all this for you. We have excellent relationships with many different courier companies and have all orders delivered in the shortest timeframes.

Payments are made between 2nd and 6th of each month. These payments are for the prior month. This allows for public holidays and weekend where transfers can't be made. You can also see all payments in your dashboard.

The Muscle Business School is designed for anyone who is purchasing our products and is available for free. This gives them access to the most advanced knowledge on how to market and increase sales for the business.

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