Our Story

Muscle Protein is 100% Australian owned and operated supplement brand that aims to deliver the highest quality supplements.

As our brand and range grew, Muscle Protein noticed that many mainstream supplement companies charged exorbitant prices for products that contained unnecessary fillers and ingredients that weren't beneficial towards our bodies and our health.

Muscle Protein strives to provide high quality ingredients that are natural, as well as being transparent and understandable to all our consumers fitness education levels. We are constantly looking to improve and innovate our products, ensuring that our products are delicious and are the best product on the market.

We also understand that getting into the health and fitness lifestyle can be a struggle for people, but we want you to know that our products and our community is for everyone. From athletes that train every day to the average Joe that doesn't have a clue about fitness, we are there for you every step of the way. We aim to provide clear and honest advice about our products and how to get the best use out of them no matter what your fitness level is. We know that everyone is different and that each individual needs different support to be able to cater towards them.

Our customer service team aims to give you the best possible service, and are always more than happy to help you out with any question. Muscle Protein aims to provide more than just customer service - we aim to provide support and encouragement to you.

Based in Brisbane, Australia we stand by our 4 company values:

  1. Offer the highest quality product for the best possible price giving our valued customers exceptional value for money
  2. Provide premium levels of service for our valued customers
  3. Develop a Business School for all entrepreneurs that will help them grow their businesses providing the most up to date skills.
  4. Innovation – Muscle Protein are striving to expand and innovate our products and services to always be ahead of the industry.


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