Beating sugar cravings

Sugars and carbohydrates enter the blood stream fast, which quickly raises blood sugar.  But then it falls just as quickly, leaving you wanting another sugar high.  Whereas protein and fats provide a slow and steady form of energy.  Having protein in your diet reduces hunger and sugar cravings as it leaves you feeling full because it takes longer to digest.

Tips to reducing sugar cravings:

The less sugar you eat in the morning, the more balanced you will be throughout the day, so a high protein breakfast will reduce sugar cravings.  The protein will also help you feel fuller throughout the day. This is why we recommend a Power Whey Protein shake for breakfast!

To satisfy sugar cravings, eat some naturally sweet foods such as coconut, bananas, grapes, dates, cinnamon, berries, etc.  A great way to do this is to have a smoothie, as this will satisfy the sugar cravings without causing blood sugar levels to rise too much.  Our Power Whey Protein is great for having as a smoothie with these delicious add ins.  

Avoid artificial sweeteners, such as aspartane, saccharin and sucralose, as these will more likely increase sugar cravings.  The Muscle Protein products use Stevia, so this won't happen!


So....instead of reaching for that sugary food, make yourself a Muscle Protein shake instead!


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