What is Stevia? Why do we use it?

Stevia is a nonnutritive sweetener, meaning it has almost no calories.  Therefore it is great for weight loss! It is also sweeter than other sugars, so the amount required to sweeten products is less.  And the components in stevia occur naturally, as it is derived from a plant.  Muscle Protein uses Stevia in our Whey Protein Power and Platinum, so our shakes can be part of a well balanced diet to help reduce calorie intake, without sacrificing taste. 

Stevia reduces the Glycemic Index (GI) of foods.  As a comparison, table sugar has a GI of 65 (100 being the highest), which causes a rise in blood sugar.  Whereas Stevia has 0 GI, as it contains nothing that increases blood sugar.  

If you have diabetes, Stevia may help keep your blood sugar levels in the normal range. Studies have shown Stevia significantly lowered insulin and glucose levels (Reference Healthline).

Stevia is marked as safe to use and free of side effects by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), so it can be consumed worry free. All of our products are made from quality ingredients.    

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