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If you want your skin to have a healthy glow, then Muscle Protein Collagen is the perfect product.  Collagen fights visible signs of aging, improves skin elasticity and hydration, supports hair and nail growth, and improves bone and joint health. Collagen also promotes heart, gut and brain health as well as boosting muscle mass and assisting in muscle recovery.

Our Collagen is 100% pure hydrolysed bovine collagen peptides sourced from Germany.  It contains nutritious essential and non-essential amino acids and is a great source of protein.  It contains zero cholesterol, carbohydrates and sugars and is gluten free, sugar free and lactose free.

Unflavoured Collagen mixes well with both hot and cold drinks, or can be blended into your favourite smoothie or recipe.  Collagen is a great additive to any diet, and can be taken any time of the day to benefit from the healthful qualities of this product. 

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