FREE and FUN ways to improve your fitness!

We understand that not everybody likes hitting the gym or doing a specific exercise routine. So we have put together a list of fun ways how you can get your 30 minutes of exercising in without it feeling like a chore!

1. Walking/running games on an app - apps such as Zombies, Run!, or geocaching such as Ingress or Pokemon GO can make this fun!

2. Dancing! Have a dance party or dance around your lounge room to some tunes!

3. Frisbee - head to a park and throw a frisbee around. Try to see how many times you can throw and catch it in a row without dropping it.

4. Catch and kick  - grab and ball and have some fun catching, kicking and throwing.

5. Take the stairs - bypass the escalator or lifts and use the stairs instead.

6. Walking meetings - take your workplace meeting to the street and chat along the way.

7. Dance/pole class - so many dancing class options for everyone's taste.

8. Hiking - explore our lovely land and soak up the scenery on a bush walk.

9. Rock climbing - whether it be indoor or outdoor, this is a great activity to activate your muscles.

10. Water balloon fights - no more to be said here!

11. Jumping - with a jump rope!

12. Hula hoop - you are never too old or young for this one!

13. Join a team sport - make friends and get fit and pick up a new skill.

14. Roller skating - fun as well as exercise.

15. Laser tag - you will be very tempted to run playing this.

16. Orienteering - check out a local club or event to learn cross country navigation skills.

17. House cleaning / gardening - yes, this can help burn the calories too!

18. Shopping - park your car at the furthest car park, walk to the shops and walk up and down every aisle.  You will be surprised at how many steps you take. 

19. Hill sliding/rolling - not just for the kids! Grab a piece of cardboard and slide down the hill.  Or, put the kids on something and drag them down the hill.  And yes, you have to walk back up the hill!

20. Trampolining - whether this be in the backyard or a trampoline centre.

21. Water parks - this can be walking around large water parks, or using energy at an inflatable water park.

22. Stand-up paddle boarding or kayaking

23. Ride a bike (for fun) - take the kids and go on a family bike ride.

24. Handstands - find some grass and do handstands, cartwheels, somersaults or whatever else makes you feel young again.

25. Parkour - the latest trend in fitness. Whether it be at a centre, or over picnic tables and bike racks.

26. Play on a playground - go down the slides, swing across the monkey bars, climb the ropes and have some fun. 

27. Strike a pose while watching TV - do a squat or a plank, etc on the floor in front of the TV during the commercials (or between Netflix episodes).

28. Lasers around the house - set up string or streamers pulled tightly across the hallways and you have to go over and under the lasers each time you walk the hallway.

29. Play with the kids - piggyback rides and wrestling and playing horsey are all fun ways of moving.  

30. Play a musical instrument - who would have thought that playing an instrument burns calories, but it does!




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