The Benefits of Training with a Friend or Partner!

Sometimes it’s difficult to stay motivated with your exercise regime. So…..grab a training buddy!  Here are some reasons why training with a friend or partner is so beneficial:

  • Accountability and motivation – it’s a lot more difficult to cancel on a buddy than it is yourself
  • Consistency – it’s important for both parties to plan weekly events when you know when your training sessions are planned
  • Your workouts will be more fun – your training buddy will be there with you through the boring exercises and you may even giggle along the way
  • You’ll have a spotter on strength training days – it’s always good (and safe) to have a spotter, so they can count your reps and motivate you to push out the last few sets you didn’t even think you could do. They can even correct any posture errors.
  • You will have a harder workout – partners help to step up the intensity level and don’t let you quit early, especially if one of you is competitive
  • You’ll get caught up with all the latest news and goss – let’s face it…there will also be exercising the vocal cords, so a great way of catching up with the latest in your friends’ life
  • Keep things interesting – your partner and yourself may have different exercise interests, so this will mix things up and keep your body guessing

So, if your struggling to exercise on your own, or you're skipping sessions, baling out early or not giving it your all, rope in a friend or partner who can help!

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