Different Types of Training and Which is Best For You!

Exercise is a great way to increase strength, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility, health and has lots of other benefits. But when you hear exercise, do you automatically want to curl in a ball on your couch and watch TV? Maybe the exercise you've been doing isn't the exercise that works best for you. There are different ways to train, such as strength, resistance, HIIT and cardio. 


Strength training is a physical activity that focuses on using resistance to induce muscular contractions. Over time, your lean muscle mass naturally will deteriorate over time. To counter this, doing strength training will help develop muscle to ensure your body is healthy as you get older. Strength training will also help develop strong bones, manage chronic conditions and manage your weight, as muscle burns more calories than fat. It's a fun way to develop muscles and get your heart pumping without feeling out of breath and tired in the same way that cardio does. 

Ways to get strength training is to do: 

  • Body weight exercises
  • Lifting weights at the gym 
  • Weights machines


Resistance training is similar to strength in that it will develop muscles and strength, however it focuses on making muscles contract against an external resistance, which is for those that want to build strength and muscle, as well as tone and build endurance. It also helps with flexibility and balance and is another fun way to exercise that will help you build strength and get a bit of cardiovascular endurance in. 

Ways to get resistance training is to do: 

  • Resistance bands
  • Body weight exercises 
  • Pilates

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

Exactly in its name, HIIT is very high intensity. It specialises in doing short bursts of very intense exercise and short rests in order to burn the most possible calories. Studies have shown that working your hardest will help your body with lots of things such as boosting endurance, regulating your insulin levels, increasing your body's metabolism and losing fat. It's intense and challenging, but you can get it done in 25 minutes and works well for those with limited time to workout. 

Ways to get HIIT training is to do: 

  • Sprints for 1 min, Rest by walking for 30 seconds x 5 
  • Do a HIIT class 


Cardio is best for increasing cardiovascular endurance. It's one of the more common ways to exercise as it can be done anywhere. Doing cardio regularly will help decrease your resting heart rate and blood pressure. It can also help with weight loss and preventing or managing many health risks and conditions. It's difficult to start out with, but ongoing cardio becomes easier. 

Ways to get cardio training is to do: 

  • Running 
  • Walking 
  • Cycling
  • Boxing


Overall, regardless of what training you do, exercise will benefit you in numerous ways, such as better sleep, weight loss, stress relief and general health. Whichever training you decide to do, pair it with your favourite Muscle Protein whey or vegan protein powder for the best results to achieve your goal! 

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