Fun Ways To Exercise (That Doesn't Feel Like Exercise!)

Exercise is a great way to stay in shape, get fit and have fun! There's nothing quite like it. But we know sometimes life gets in the way, or it gets a bit hard to make time to exercise as well as have fun with life. We've got great ideas for ways for you to exercise that doesn't even feeling like exercising! 


Cardio ideal for improving cardiovascular endurance and losing weight. Some traditional methods of cardio are walking, jogging, doing laps at a pool, and riding a bike. But here are some non-traditional ways that can get you looking forward to (unknowingly) exercising!

  • Swimming in the ocean 
  • Hiking
  • Dance
  • Jumping on a trampoline
  • Skipping
  • Boxing
  • Organised sports
  • Hula-hooping
  • Riding a bike


Strength training is important for developing strong muscles and bones as well as a great way to burn calories as muscles burn more calories than fat. Most people like to go to the gym and life heavy weights or do bootcamps. Some non-traditional ways to do strength training include: 

  • Pilates (especially reformer pilates)
  • Bootcamps
  • Crossfit
  • Martial arts
  • Surfing
  • HIIT
  • Skateboarding
  • Yoga
  • Swimming in the ocean
  • Indoor rock climbing

Try them out sometime and see how fun it is to exercise! Don't forget to recover afterwards with some Muscle Protein

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