How Fat Loss Works with Muscle Protein

Fat-loss is a goal for many people. But what does it really mean? 

Fat-loss is not the same as weight-loss. If you think about it - do you want to reach a certain weight, or a certain size? Some people may look fit, but may be considered "overweight" on the BMI scale - although they're really not. 

Fat-loss aims to reduce your overall body fat. Fat-cells exist to store energy and your body will expand the size and number of fat-cells to accomodate for the excess energy that comes in from high-calorie diets.

By starting an exercise regime and limiting calorie intake, the body starts to use the energy stored in the fat cells to fuel the body, and it stops putting fat away for storage. 

So how do we do fat-loss?

The best ways to target fat-loss is to be in a calorie deficit and to gain muscle. Being in a calorie deficit is when you're consuming less calories than your body is burning at rest. By consuming less than your body is burning, your body will get energy from stored fat - burning the fat instead. 

Gaining muscles is also a way to get fat-loss as muscle burns more calories than fat. If you have more muscle, your body will burn more fat naturally each day at rest. This can be done through weights training or resistance training.

Pairing exercise and consuming less calories will overall give your body fat-loss - helping you get your dream body! Using a meal replacement such as Muscle Protein's Whey Power will help with consuming less calories due to it being low-carb, low-fat, and suppresses the feeling of hunger. So grab our shakes today and try it now! 

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