Making The Perfect Protein Shake

To get the best out of your supplements, you need to take them consistently. One of the biggest challenges to this consistency can sometimes be the taste.

Most of our customers know Muscle Protein Whey Power has a great, creamy taste that is not too bitter or sweet. However, we understand that everyone’s tastebuds are different, so here’s some tips we came up with to help you look forward to your daily protein!


Make it sweeter:

  • Have your shake with skim milk or a milk alternative instead of water. We recommend trying it with oat milk
  • Use less liquid than usual (keeps the flavour of your shake more concentrated)
  • Coconut Water can add a nice flavour to your shake
  • Turn it into a milkshake by blending it with milk and ice cream
  • Add up to 50g of berries or half a banana


    Make it less sweet or weaker:

    • Make your shake with water only
    • Use more liquid (more liquid can dilute the taste)
    • Blend with berries to add a fruity taste to counter the sweetness


    Too thick? Too runny? Too textured?

    • You can add or reduce the amount of liquid to best suit your preferences
    • Shake the protein mix for longer if lumpy
    • Blend the shake instead to get it smoother
    • Add some fresh or frozen fruit to make it into a smoothie
    • Add Collagen protein powder to make it thicker


    Hopefully this will help you to make the perfect shake every time!

    So get your Muscle Protein and make it the perfect shake for you. 

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