Meet Tom - Weight Loss Success Stories - 17kgs Lost in 4 Months!

Here at Muscle Protein, we are results driven. We aim to help everyday people achieve their health and fitness goals and support their journey along the way. One of our amazing customers Tom is a great example of someone who was able to reach their goals and weight loss success stories!

Tom started off his Muscle Protein journey with our Whey Power at 116kgs in June 2019. Due to injuries, he gained weight over time and needed to use crutches almost every second week!

"Whenever I'd feel sick, the weight would compound and I would struggle to walk and move - adding to the weight gain."


As we're sure most of you can relate, this pressure can make you feel overwhelmed! 

Tom recognised where his problems stemmed from, such as eating too quickly and wanted to make the lifestyle change to have a better relationship with food and to be able to have a better quality of life. 

14 June


"I currently would never ever weigh myself because, you know. I don't want to hear the bad news." 

"My goal is to make it into the double figures, and not be in the triple figures."

Two weeks after using his Muscle Protein Whey Power, he had lost 6kgs and was down to 110.4kgs! 

27 June

"I didn't know what to expect! I've tried doing diets before and was up and down like a yo-yo and haven't committed to it. I've tried exercising really hard then getting injured."

"With Muscle Protein, I found it so much easier to stick to what I was doing. I have the Vanilla in the morning and the Chocolate in the afternoon and it's become so much easier."

After this short amount of time, Tom could feel and see that he had lost weight already! His movement was better, his clothes felt better, and overall, his health felt better. Tom has had a little bit of a sweet tooth every now and then, but there's nothing wrong with having a treat! 

12 July

4 weeks into his journey, Tom is feeling great. 

"I've developed a good eating pattern! Instead of having 2 meals at one time, I'm having better portions, and I'm starting to think about what I'm eating. I'm making good choices."

During this time, he had noticed that his weight loss had slowed down a bit, going from 110kgs to 107kgs with a goal of 105kgs. However, this wasn't a bad thing. 

"I was making small improvements everyday, and it wasn't a chore. I think that it comes down to a sustainable lifestyle - you know, losing the weight, or maintaining the weight, and making good choices, as well as keeping it consistent with the Whey Power."

"So yes, I only lost 3kgs but things I saw improving was that I was exercising more! I started enjoying it too. I'm feeling like I'm using muscles I haven't used before and I'm getting better."

25 July


From the 12th, Tom set a new goal of reaching 104kgs, and he successfully and sustainably did! Wow! He had lost a total of 12kgs at this point. 

"It's all about a lifestyle change and keeping a bit of stability."

During this time, he had many functions and events, and with his new lifestyle, he was able to really enjoy himself. 

"The Whey Power just cuts out those high sugars, high calorie foods and keeps me on track whilst I'm having a very busy lifestyle. And I don't want to change either! I don't want to go back and do heaps of gym work, and watching everything I do. I want to keep those social engagements up at the same time I want to maintain a healthy lifestyle."


9 August

From his last check in, Tom had lost 2kgs from 104kgs. However, he had been increasing his activity and felt more healthier. 

"I'm having a bit more food because my energy is higher, but I'm feeling really structured with my meals and my shakes. The way I look at it, is if I've lost 2kgs in two weeks, if I can just keep doing that then I'm extremely happy."

"One of my purposes was to increase and start running again - so I've actually started doing that. I'm doing little blocks of running which has been really enjoyable."

Tom has also found a huge energy increase which has helped him maintain his new lifestyle. He's even gotten comments from friends noticing his new change.

"Even though I haven't lost as much as the first few weeks, I've still noticed huge changes."

25 October


At this point, he had reached his goal of 99kgs

However, he had also jumped back a bit over 100kgs. 

"What I gotta remember is that I started from 116kgs. I've done that consistently through the weight loss. I've jumped back a couple of kgs, put one back on, then I've stabilised and never get back to that other level."

"I had been a bit down to myself about it, thinking "Oh, you should've been doing a lot better than that", but my training's increased so much, and I'm working hard. It's probably tripled the amount of effort I've been putting in my training. I feel like I've put on a bit of muscle!"

Tom has now consistently stayed at the double figures range! What an amazing effort. We can't wait to see where his health and fitness journey next. 

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