Need To Know: Frequently Asked Questions About Muscle Protein

So you might need a bit of convincing. You've just heard about Muscle Protein, but you've tried so many other brands before, you don't want a re-run of your bad experiences, and wasted money.

Well, we're here to set your fears aside, and answer questions you might be thinking to help you feel more comfortable with Muscle Protein.


Why should I buy Muscle Protein over other brands? 

We can guarantee that our shakes are the cleanest on the market. Our protein shakes have three main ingredients, whey protein or vegan protein (made from brown rice protein, organic pea protein and vegan coconut milk powder), organic stevia and natural flavouring. We are also very affordable for the premium quality compared to other brands on the market and with the results you'll get! 

For example, our Whey Power, which is a 100% Australian Whey Protein Concentrate, as a meal replacement protein is $54.95 for 30 serves, which is $1.83 per serve. Not bad we think for a meal!

Other brands source their whey and ingredients from cheaper sources, as well as adding fillers to keep their protein at a cheap price. That's not what we're about! 

You'll also be supporting a small local Australian business that, in return, wants to support you and your goals to living the life you want to live. Our community is pretty awesome. 

I'm a bit older, can I use this? 

Absolutely! Our products are aimed at everyone wanting to achieve their goals. No matter what gender, what age or what fitness level you are. 

I'm unable to exercise, will I still get results from your shakes? 

Absolutely. While the best results come from regular exercise, it isn't necessary! Many of our customers that are unable to get exercise in due to health reasons, injuries, or even time, have found great results with our shakes. 

Will this work for me?

Your determination and willpower, as well as the change you make to your lifestyle will help you achieve your goals. Muscle Protein's shakes are there to help you along the way and get you results, however remember that consistency is the key! If you ever need a bit of support, reach out to us and we will be there to give you a hand.  

Isn't stevia a chemical? 

Our organic stevia is sourced from a leafy green plant, called stevia rebaudiana. It is 100% natural! You can read more about it here.

Will this help with my sugar cravings? 

Yes! Protein slows down the absorption of sugar and prevent glucose spikes, which, in turn, can reduce your sugar cravings! When you're also feeling that 3pm slump, our protein shakes will perk you right back up. 


Got any other questions? Send us a message! 

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