What Are Essential Amino Acids And What Do They Do? (A Simple Explanation)

There are 9 Essential Amino Acids, these are Amino Acids that your body doesn’t create on it’s own. The best way to get them is through food or supplementation. As you will read below, Amino Acids play a crucial role in day to day body functionality and are more important than most realise!


  1. Isoleucine (BCAA)
    1. Aids in regulating Blood sugar/ blood glucose
    2. Regulates Energy levels
    3. Helps in preventing muscle waste
    4. Promote tissue repair after injury or a surgery


  1. Leucine (BCAA)
    1. Regulating the blood-sugar levels
    2. Promotes the growth and the recovery of muscle and bone tissues
    3. Promotes the production of the growth hormone
    4. Known for preventing the breakdown of muscle proteins caused by injury or stress
    5. Aids in burning fat while building muscle


  1. Valine (BCAA)
    1. Supplies the muscles with extra glucose responsible for the energy production during physical activity
    2. Important for smooth nervous system and cognitive functioning
    3. Helps them recover tissues damaged during physical activity
    4. Aids in improving insomnia
    5. Effective appetite suppressant
    6. Improves regulation of the immune system


  1. Tryptophan
    1. Helps to treat menopausal depressive conditions
    2. Reduces symptoms of restless leg syndrome
    3. Assists in controlling the hyperactivity in children and relieves stress
    4. Regulation of sleep: increasing Tryptophan levels may help you normalise sleep patterns.
    5. People suffering from migraine headaches should regulate their levels of Tryptophan


  1. Lysine
    1. Helps the body absorb calcium
    2. Plays an essential role in the formation of collagen
    3. Aids in recovering from surgery or traumas and helps your body produce hormones, enzymes, and antibodies
    4. May help prevent the bone loss caused by osteoporosis.


  1. Methionine
    1. Can help to enhance the liver function
    2. Has been used to help treat some conditions such as depression, inflammation, liver diseases, and some muscle pains


  1. Phenylalanine
    1. Considered to be helpful in treating depression
    2. Promotes mental alertness and memory
    3. Can elevate mood and aid in the suppression of appetite


  1. Threonine
    1. Supports central nervous, cardiovascular, liver, and immune system functioning
    2. Aids in building strong bones and tooth enamel
    3. Speeds up the wound healing process
    4. Promotes proper fat metabolism in the liver
    5. Can aid in digestion


  1. Histidine
    1. Used to regulate and utilise essential trace elements like iron, copper, molybdenum, zinc, and manganese


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