What To Look For In A Protein Powder

You've started looking for a high quality protein powder. But there's so many protein powders on the market - how do you know what one to get? Don't worry - here's the how-to on what to look for in a protein powder to ensure you're getting the best quality protein powder for your body! 

When you're looking after your body and diet, it's important to know what is going into your body. You wouldn't eat something someone just handed to you without knowing what's in it, right? So why shouldn't it be any different with your protein powder? 

Essentially - you want to find a protein powder that has the least amount of ingredients as possible - something simple and clean. The ideal ingredients would include the Whey protein, natural flavouring and natural sweeteners! 

With the rise of the health and fitness industry, protein supplements have become a must-have. While many protein companies have cheaper protein, they sometimes undercut the cost of their protein by adding lots of fillers such as artificial colours and preservatives to their product to bulk up the product, or even by having cheaper, low-quality protein. Do you know what you're paying for in your protein? 

Men's Health recommends that your protein shake should have: 

  • Total Fat - < 3g
  • Carbs - < 5g 
  • Protein - 20-25g (anything less has too many fillers)

That's why here at Muscle Protein, it's important to us that you know what's going into your body and what is in our products. Our shakes only have high quality protein, natural flavouring and natural sweeteners - to make sure you're getting the best high quality protein shakes for a great, affordable price. Grab yours today! 

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