Peanut Butter Fudge Muscle Protein Bars


6g Whey Protein Power (note: if you want to sub for a Platinum Vegan
Protein, you can. Just be sure you add a bit more of the coffee afterwards and
perhaps a bit more of the agave!)
8g coconut flour
8g oats
10g agave syrup (or maple)
16g peanut butter
Cocoa to taste (depends on how chocolatey you like them!)
Tiny bit of coffee, just enough to bind the mixture above  together


1. Mix all ingredients in a bowl using your hands.
2. Bind into a dough.
3. Shape into rectangles – or bars.
4. Done!

Note: Duplicate or triplicate the recipe to make more! I always do that and just
keep the bars in the fridge or, when I make a GIANT batch, I freeze them and
just defrost on the day I plan on eating them!


So get started today! 

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