Assists In Prevention Of Health Risks And Conditions

There are many health benefits of vegan protein. Muscle Protein’s Vegan Protein Platinum’s slow release formula helps controls cravings and controls hunger. One of the vital factors to hunger is your blood sugar (glucose) levels, and research has shown that a high-protein diet can help manage blood sugar levels.

Expert Powder Filtration Formulation

Our Vegan Protein Platinum is the perfect vegan meal replacement shake for weight loss, with a slow release formula, taking up to 4 hours to get absorbed into your body. This dairy-free protein formula will keep you feeling fuller for longer.

Lactose-Free and Natural

This plant-based protein is made from a natural blend of organic pea protein, brown rice protein and vegan coconut milk powder – creating a premium, good tasting vegan protein powder. Some people who aren’t vegan, but may be lactose intolerant may experience bloating and stomach cramps from Whey protein blends. Muscle Protein’s clean, lactose-free protein powder is a great alternative to those who don’t want to consume dairy.

Weight Loss and Building Muscles

Muscle Protein’s Vegan Protein Platinum is a great, easy to use protein shake that can aid in weight loss and muscle building. As a low-calorie shake, it can be used as a healthy protein snack to keep you feeling fuller for longer until your meal time. It also gives you a boost of energy so that you can work at your most efficient. Muscle Protein’s Vegan Protein Platinum is also a convenient way to get your protein intake for the day, as you can take it on the go with you – so you don’t have to worry about planning all of your vegan meals

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