Easy to Make Snacks: Why Muscle Protein Makes As A Great Snack

Here at Muscle Protein, we are a huge advocate for snacking! It helps you feel fuller in between meals, helps gets you the nutrients you need and can aid in focus and concentration. You can read more about why we love snacking here

Whether you're looking to lose weight, maintain your weight or build muscle, Muscle Protein's clean protein shakes are the perfect snack to add to your daily diet and adds to our list of easy to make snacks.

Completely Natural!

As our shakes have no hidden nasties with our all natural ingredients (such as whey protein, organic pea protein, brown rice protein, coconut milk powder, organic stevia and natural flavourings), they are the best quality ingredients that could go into your body. 

Low Calorie

All our shakes are also low calorie! (What?!) All of our shakes are less than 122 calories per serve, so having them as a snack ensures you are getting a good amount of protein without the calories. 

Keeps You Feeling Fuller For Longer

Our Whey Power and Vegan Platinum are also made with slow-release formulas - taking up to 4-6 hours for your body to absorb and keeping you feeling fuller for longer. So if you take it as a snack, you're more likely to eat less calories during your meal times - helping you to lose weight! 

Super Convenient

Some snacks require a lot of time for prep. Whereas our shakes are so easy to make! Grab your shaker, put a scoop of protein powder in (if you need to bring it around), and add water when necessary. Give it a shake and viola - instant snack! 

Fights The 3pm Slump

You know the one. It's 3pm, and you're feeling like napping, or fatigued, or low-productivity. It's 3pm-itis, and it's totally, definitely, a confirmed condition. Not really, but it is your body's natural circadian clock which, according to the Sleep Health Foundation, makes our bodies feel most sleepy at night as well as between 2pm-3pm! So have a Muscle Protein snack to help give you a boost in energy and fight any cravings. 


Have we convinced you yet? Pretty much, snacking with Muscle Protein is a must. Get your shake today and feel the difference! 

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